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Saratoga State Park New Years Resolution Hike ~ Jan 4, 2018

Journal entry by Karen & Leon Barnish

Thank you to the 24 hikers who joined Karen & Leon for the Saratoga  New Years Resolution Hike, the first hike for 2018.   The snowy morning did not deter the well-spirited group all eager to begin their trip through the gem jewel of Saratoga Spa Park.  The snow and ice glissend on the trees and the collecting snow quited our footsteps through the woods.  The Island  Spouter had a frozen base at least 2 foot high.  Something many had never seen before.    The path to the Orenda springs was ice packed making those micro spikes a life saver, keeping everyone from sliding down onto the icy banks of the Geyser Creek.  There was alot of picture taking.  The peaceful hike through the woods with the snow falling on our packs was simply breath taking.  A calm peace to start the year.   And yes there was a lot  of visting and chatter from the Canes, one woud expect nothing less.   The hike proceeded to the lunch pavillion, no heat, at mile marker 3, where we took shelter from the snow.   There was lots of hot tea.   After lunch the group continued  along the creek, listened to the singing birds, and proceeded on the trail to the cars completing a 5 mile journey.  Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Healing and Peaceful New Year.  

Joining this great adventure: Karen & Leon -leaders,  the Wanderer & his umbrella, Kurt & Diane, Jim & Jan, Denis, Jimmy, Lenore & Jack, Peter & Donna, Mary, Margie, Lynn M, Liz, Linda, Joanne P, Mark F, Noreen, Scott and the A Team --Tom & Don

1/4/18 - Scott Anderson added 2 photos.

1/5/18 - Wanderer . added 7 photos.

19 photos

A hearty group

Photo by Karen

Checking out Geyser Creek.

Island Spouter

Tom ready to hit the trails.

Lunch break. Lots of hot tea today.

Leon, Jim & Jan at lunch

Beautiful ice formations hanging into the creek. Look at that snow falling.

Hi Jan

more ice.

The wolves get anyone who falters... - added by Scott

No comment....Peter and Jack - added by Scott

Karen "attempting" to gain control - added by Wanderer

Island Spouter - added by Wanderer

Island Spouter - its other side - added by Wanderer

Geyser Creek and its Ice Crystal Horse Hooves - added by Wanderer

Taking the long way around - added by Wanderer

Orenda Spring with a handlebar stache - added by Wanderer

Our comfy lunch spot - added by Wanderer

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