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Tour De Frazil ~ Jan 18, 2018

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

What a day we had for our Tour de Frazil in Warrensburg this week along the Hudson River and my first Crooked Canes outing as the leader! I was pretty nervous at first but at end of the day I was looking back through rose colored glasses at what had been a great day. Sunny, cool and nearly windless, the weather provided a perfect backdrop for ten Crooked Canes to view sparkling ice, LOTS of sparkling ice, in a variety of forms. Though short in length, this outing was long on sights that have not been present in such exaggerated form for many years. Cold weeks in December and early January followed by two days of hot rain set the stage for a Hudson River ice jam starting just south of the Glen Bridge and extending an estimated seven miles downriver.

Along the section of the river accessible from the Hudson River Recreational Area adjacent to Cronin's Golf Course we saw blocks of ice from huge to small, piled far higher than the normal level of the river, solidly jammed from bank to bank as far north and south as we could see. There was abundant evidence of movement in the ice and water shifting to seek a path-of-least-resistance resulting in rings of ice at various levels on everything above ground level. After our walk, most of us chose to depart from the parking lot northward to see the VERY high stacks of ice in the middle of the river and also pushed up to and significantly higher than the guard rails along Golf Course Road. Also visible was scouring of the riverbank on the opposite side of the river that has resulted in some sections of River Road being carried away. Still adventurous, some of us meandered down river to the Route 418 bridge, now closed due to the road on the Thurman side of the bridge is covered with huge ice blocks and water running wherever it can find a place to get through. Stacked ice is visible as far as can be seen both north and south.

Though we had a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting day viewing Mother Nature's presently interesting and beautiful ice creations there is plenty of potential for this beauty to turn disastrous for folks along the river with more periods of temperature swings and precipitation or a quick melt out.

14 photos

Here we are! Thanks for coming to Don, Barbara, Katie, Linda, Jim, Jim (yep, two of 'em!), Gail, Dennis (accidentally!) and Mary.

Beautiful frosty forest greeted us at the trail head.

YES! We found frazil ice!

"That wee bit of ice was nice Diane, but do you think we'll see anything more interesting...."

"....yes, this will do!"

Right at river's edge. Note striations evident in the foreground ice block.

Delicate frost on last summer's vegetation.

When what at first looks like a nice bench isn't really what you see but is ice left at a high water level recently.

More trickery! It's not the comfy top of a bunk bed!

Ice scoured river bank.

Heading north along Golf Course Road.

Ice on Route 418 looks like space ships landed.

The view north from the Route 418 bridge.

The view south from the 418 bridge toward the old railroad bridge. Comparing Google Earth elevations with this photo, the height of the ice can be estimated as roughly 16-20 feet above normal summer river level.

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